South Australian Paintball League was created for Adelaide paintball players to play at a higher and more competitive level. Most people play paintball for birthdays and bucks parties but there are also people that play paintball as a hobby and sport. SAPL provides paintballers with different experiences and joins like minded players together to shoot paintballs at each other. SAPL events are competitive yet friendly and include social paintball days, streetball events, training days, practice days & tournaments.

We welcome paintballers of different ages and skill levels from new players through to the experienced.

Upcoming Events

Fast action games normally played in teams of 3 & 5 players. From the second the game starts the paint begins to fly as players try to get their first elimination. It's nonstop gun battles as players try to outsmart the opposing team&advance up the field. Players are trying to get maximum points for each game and the team with the most amount of points at the end of the tournament win the day. Trophies / medals are awarded to 1st, 2nd &3rd. Points are also added through the year & the winning team gets their name on the perpetual cup.
5 Man (Social League)
Tippmann 98 paintball guns supplied
Overalls & mask supplied
Pizza (8 slices) $15
3 Man (Open)
BYO markers welcome / Tippmann 98 paintball guns supplied if required.
Overalls & mask supplied if required.
Pizza (8 slices) $15
Get your stealth on. Bushball paintball is very different to tournament paintball. If you enjoy hiding & waiting for opposition players to make their move before picking them off, or if you enjoy quietly army crawling through the dirt to your next vantage point then bushball is for you. Camouflage clothing brings this game to a whole new level.
Equipment supplied (if required)
Pizza (8 slices) $15
Club Days
Sometimes we just decide we want to do something different. Most of the time this is triggered by one of the players thinking of a cool idea and we then create it into a day.
Equipment supplied (if required)
Pizza (8 slices) $15
Streetball Days
A fun and exciting day of paintball. Come out as an individual or with mates. On Streetball days teams are created before each game commences. Scores are generally not recorded on these days and it's a great way to brush up on skills and make moves you may not be sure about making during a tournament.
Equipment supplied (if required)
Pizza (8 slices) $15
Practice Days
Scheduled practice days are organised throughout the year. If you or your team want to brush up on some skills let us know and we can get it organised. There are often other players and teams that are keen to jump in with you or to practice against. Practice days are great to train as your team, practice plays, get familiar with how your team mates play etc.
Equipment supplied (if required)
Pizza (8 slices) $15
Training Days
Come back to the basics. Learn and practice techniques from snap shooting, shooting left & right handed, working the barricades, reloading during a gun fight, learn tips on when & how to move barricades, how to play the snake, position calls etc. There are often practice games through the day and normally games to put everything into practice at the end.
Pro players that have conducted & helped train players are from teams such as Sydney SWAT, Russian Legion & San Diego Dynasty.
Equipment supplied (if required)
Pizza (8 slices) $15
On SAPL event days there is a range of paintball equipment for sale. Players can check out or buy the latest & greatest products or pick up a replacement lens & some extra pods before the games start.

Items for sale on SAPL days normally include Masks, lenses, head wraps, pants, jerseys, packs, pods, squeegees, lens cloths, gloves, pod loaders, cleats, knee & elbow pads etc.

If you are after anything in particular please let us know before the day.

If you require any equipment at any other time please contact us.
For Social Paintball Games such as Birthday Parties, Bucks Parties, Work group, End of Season Sports, Team Building, Just for Fun etc please click here to go to the Paintball Park website   paintballpark.com.au

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Terms & Conditions

Waiver Forms
All players are required to complete a Waiver Forms before playing.
Players under 18 years of age are required to have their Waiver Forms completed by their own parent.
Waiver Forms must be neat & completed 100% to be able to play.
Waiver Forms are available at the field on the day or  Click here to open.
To secure bookings we require a $35 deposit per player.
We recommend group deposits start to be paid as soon as possible as some days can book out weeks & months in advance. More deposits can be added as players confirm.
We ask that all deposits are received at least 7 days in advance.
Short notice bookings are accepted where possible.
A player's $35 deposit becomes payment for that player's entry, rental equipment & 100 paintballs.
1 deposit secures 1 spot, equipment etc. If a person has paid a deposit & does not play that deposit can be transferred to a new player for that player's deposit. If a player does not play & no one fills their spot then unfortunately the $35 deposit is forfeited to help cover expenses. Deposits cannot be transferred to other payments including paintballs etc.
Payment Methods
Minimum Age
The minimum age in South Australia is 10 years (SA Firearms Law).
Players must wear enclosed shoes. Joggers with good grip are recommended. (No thongs or sandals).
We recommend players wear shorts & T-shirts as we supply overalls.
Recognised paintball brand clothing designed for playing paintball may be worn.
We recommend players eat a good breakfast/lunch before their paintball session.
We recommend players drink water before & during their paintball session.
Please bring medication for Asthma, allergies etc.
Arrive Time
Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your booking time.
Extra Protection
We recommend players wear gloves, groin boxes & baseball style hats. These items are for sale at the field if required.
It is illegal to use a paintball gun under the influence of drugs or alcohol. People under the influence will be refused entry. It is illegal to consume alcohol on the premises.
Express Processing Tips
  1.   Complete Waiver Forms before arriving (MUST be neat & completed 100%) (Please ensure correct booking name is filled in).
  2.   Arrive 10 minutes before your booking/processing time.
BYO Markers (paintball guns)
Players are welcome to use their own paintball guns. (Unless it is a rental gun event).
Before Your Day of Play
Please let us know in advance if bringing your own paintball gun. Please let us know in advance if you require air refills. (If your gun runs on Co2 we can loan you a full bottle free of charge).
On Arrival
Check paintball guns in to reception immediately after arrival & 20 minutes before your booking time. Paintball guns must be in a closed box/bag and must not be removed or visible at any stage outside of the playing arena. Paintball guns must be disassembled, de-gassed, empty of paintballs etc at all times outside of the playing arena.
Gun Inspection Requirements
  •  Serial number check (Gun must be registered to the person in possession).
  •  We must view your current Firearms License.
  •  We must view your registration paper.
  •  Air / Co2 bottles must be in test.
  •  Gun does not shoot more than 1 paintball per trigger pull.
  •  Gun must measure no less than 750mm (including bottle & barrel)
  •  Gun must look like a paintball gun & not like an assault rifle etc
  •  Gun will be chronographed. Must be shooting under 300fps (customers paint used)
General Rules
The licensed / registered owner of a paintball gun must be on the premises at all times with the gun.
A paintball guns velocity must not be adjusted after chronographing. If adjustments have been made to the gun it must be re-chronographed before use.
No B.Y.O. paintballs. Only paintballs supplied by Paintball Park on the day can be used. (unless authorised by the manager in writing).
Players must consider the playing ability, age etc of the players they are shooting at & play accordingly.
Firearms laws, SAPL & Paintball Park rules must be followed at all times.

59 Womma Road, Edinburgh North, South Australia
Visit  PaintballPark.com.au website

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Entry / equipment hire / 100 paintballs       $35
2000 Paintballs (per player special) $160 (SAPL Special) (save $240 on normal $20 per 100 refills) (save $100 on normal 2000 deal)
Other paintball quantities can be purchased at the Paintball Park field prices.